Craig Boldy

Head of Development

My role as a developer at Fishtank Agency began in July 2017. My day to day tasks include: building new websites and researching new code. A project I have particularly enjoyed working on is the Artorius website. This project really tested my abilities and creativity as a developer as I was tasked with coding numerous diamonds that turn and moved as the user scrolls down the site. Making the diamonds responsive proved a challenge but made me think outside the box - as a result the client was really pleased with the outcome.

I’m excited to get into more app development and helping to growing that side of the business.

I'm looking forward to building more exciting websites, especially since updates to the web over the past twelve months have allowed developers to become more creative with website builds as well as iOS development. I’m excited to get into more app development and help grow that side of the business.

Life Outside Fishtank

Outside of work my priorities lie with family time and football, not sure which order but I better stick with family in case my other half ever reads this! We bought a caravan a couple of years ago and ever since we have been touring the country. My other love can be found playing in red, in a little town called Barnsley, which is where I can be found every other weekend.

Bucket List Best Bits

Getting into app development more and growing that side of the business.