Andy Wade

Visual Designer

Since joining Fishtank in December 2014 as a Freelance Designer, I have worked with the team on a number of exciting projects for a variety of clients. I particularly enjoy designing logos - creating a concept and idea in a graphic symbol, especially when working with clients that require a complete rebrand - this usually entails working from a blank canvas as the client is open to ideas. The creative freedom at Fishtank is a huge bonus to the role and I particularly love working with the rest of the design team to create plans for branding projects - it is great to get together and share our ideas and talk about what works for our client and what doesn’t.

I particularly enjoy designing logos by turning a concept and idea in a graphic symbol.

I enjoy the work I do at Fishtank as well as the ability to use my creativity with such a wide variety of clients. I’m looking forward to working closely with even more clients in the future to create new branding and other design elements that will help elevate their business.

Life Outside Fishtank

Outside of the Tank, you can usually find me taking care of my kids, at CrossFit or sipping the ‘occasional’ beer. My better half kindly gifted me a guitar at Christmas, which has been a particular joy over the past year, I’m sure the family wouldn’t agree though... listening to the only two songs I know being played on repeat.

Bucket List Best Bits

Being healthy and happy is the most important thing.