Becoming a B Corp™: Doing the right thing and using it as a force for good!

Posted: 16/01/2024

Author: Damien

We’re ecstatic to announce that Fishtank Agency is now B Corp™ certified. We have joined a global business community that meets a high social and environmental impact standard. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of being a B Corp™ and our motivation and reasons behind Fishtank’s decision to be part of this global movement. I will share some tips for those considering this journey with advice on the vigorous application process and the benefits experienced.

We can no longer live in a world that represents solely profit-making objectives – we all have to recognise that businesses play a pivotal role in shaping the purpose and culture of our society whilst trying to care for our environment. Becoming a B Corp™ is a conscious choice and means taking accountability to be a part of the greater good – for a more inclusive, unbiased, and sustainable economy. 

Pursuing B Corp™ certification prompted us to improve our existing practices and implement new initiatives. We have actively been working hard on this transformative journey, driven by our passion for creating positive change, supporting local communities, and fostering a culture of purpose-driven growth. The B Lab assessment process confirmed our dedication to responsible business practices, and Fishtank is now part of a community of 1,500 B Corps™ in the UK and 7,500 certified worldwide.

What is a B Corp™ Certification?

B Corp™ is about doing the right thing and using it as a force for good through the balance of purpose and profit. A certified B Corp™ business is a company that meets a high standard of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. Certification is holistic, not exclusively focused on one issue, and evaluated through a strict verification process conducted by B Lab. Setting the highest standards for sustainable and socially responsible businesses that positively impact the world requires engaging teams and departments across the company.


Why is B Corp™ Certification Important to Us?

Damien Fisher, Founder and Managing Director, has recently graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10KSB programme, which significantly emphasised B Corp™ and 2025 sustainability goals. He wanted to understand more about this growing community of companies doing good globally and collaborating on joint initiatives. We decided it was our prerogative to become a B Corp™, a natural extension of our existing and evolving practices. 

This certification wasn’t just a greenwashing exercise – it was a seal of approval and is now part of our DNA! We have dedicated ourselves to being a Living Wage employer and focusing more on career development and well-being for our employees. We nurtured diversity, equity, and inclusion in our sector, minimising our negative environmental impact where possible. Our mission to support charitable trusts, community projects, and grassroots sports clubs drives our commitment to the B Corp certification.

The Benefits of Becoming a B Corp™

We are part of the B Corp™ community: we have committed ourselves to a like-minded global community passionate about making a difference! Becoming certified helped us formalise existing practices and improve those requiring attention. Some key benefits of adapting the B Corp™ mindset include:

  • Committed and motivated employees reinforce our values and commitment to doing good.
  • We are constantly learning and making advancements to understand how our team’s mark on our services impacts the environment and creates a reduction.
  • Higher levels of innovation and thought leadership to impact our customers’ growth ambitions, increasing client loyalty and retention.
  • We have implemented robust 360° feedback mechanisms to serve our customers and employees better.


The Deciding Factors in Securing B Corp™ Certification

Our devotion to making a difference in various areas earned us considerable points during the B Impact Assessment. Fishtank earned an overall score of 82% – which we were incredibly proud of. The median score for ordinary businesses completing the assessment is 51%, covering Governance, Employees, Community, Environment and Customers. We rank this accreditation as crucial as an industry award win, supporting the business’s future and growth ambitions. We are very proud of our final score and some notable achievements that contributed to it:

  • We actively engage with local schools and universities to inspire the next generation, continually delivering placements and apprenticeships.
  • We support meaningful charities, including Henshaws, Forget Me Not, Boparan Trust, Sheffield Hospitals, Heart Foundation and Cancer Research.
  • We have evolved our feedback channels for employees monthly and increased engagement with our customers on projects.
  • We are ensuring robust processes and onboarding practices for the team and employees of the future.
  • Improving the flexibility and benefits to increase the staff’s well-being and growth will provide more freedom to live a fulfilled life.
  • Always transparent in all our endeavours and continually sharing knowledge and feedback on varied success, financials and future ambitions for the company.


What’s Next for Fishtank Agency?

Now, Fishtank has secured our certification to become a B Corp™. The road doesn’t end there. It is an ongoing journey to evolve continuously, collectively, and collaboratively – and travel together in the right direction. We are passionate about upholding the high standards we have set for ourselves, sharing knowledge and inspiring others.

Strategies are in place to increase our client base with companies operating with a high positive social and environmental impact. We support and aim to collaborate with more like-minded companies and strengthen this global movement.

We have also replaced the traditional Monday-to-Friday 9 to 5 working week with an agile hybrid solution, providing more space for employees to have a healthier work-life balance. Don’t be surprised when on Zoom or Teams call to see employees working worldwide!


Advice for Aspiring B Corps™

Becoming a B Corp™ is a challenging but rewarding journey that clarifies your long-term objectives. To navigate the process successfully, here are some tips to navigate the process:

  • Attend a B Corp™ webinar or event to thoroughly understand the B Impact Assessment and identify areas for improvement.
  • There is nowhere to hide – answer truthfully. Gather proof to support your impact claims; each question contributes to the final score and will be assessed. 
  • Initially, it seemed overwhelming, and the application process was not designed for completion in a day. Allocate yourself time during your working schedule to chip away at each module. 
  • 100% seek guidance from B Corp™ specialists to address challenges and provide clarity on meeting standards. A huge thank you and turning point when we hit a brick wall in the evaluation process. We brought Nancy Hyne at True Horizon to support us, a JEDI in B Corp™.


Our Continued Commitment to Becoming a B Corp: Conclusion

Our commitment to our B Corps™ certification is unwavering, and we continue on our transformative journey that aligns businesses around being a “Force For Good”. Fishtank Agency has laid the foundations and is dedicated to creating positive change, supporting our local community, and nurturing a culture of purpose-driven growth. By joining forces with other B Corps™, we are incredibly proud to be counted among businesses leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.


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