Code Week At Fishtank

Posted: 19/09/2019

Author: Fishtank

We sat down with our developers to get their thoughts on the coding industry, specifically: app development and how schools are implementing code into their curriculum.

In our recent video interview, developer Craig Boldy talks to our digital marketer Hayley about the recent IOS conference he attended. Whilst there, Craig learnt about SwiftUI, Apple’s new framework for their Swift language, examining and practicing the art of setting up, building small menu apps and even type apps. We also tried to decode Craig’s thoughts on the future of apps and websites, asking his opinion on which is most popular amongst retailers and why. Watch to find out what is going to be his first app project!

We also hear from our Head of Development, Mike Garlick, who gives his thoughts on how schools are extending their curriculum to educate kids on coding, equipping them with basic skills in HTML and CSS. Speaking from his own perspective, Mike also gives us an insight into how Star Wars can help teach kids to code in a fun and engaging way and why it’s important to make sure all kids have a basic understanding of how the online world works behind the scenes.

Watch the interview to find out more:

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