Danielle’s first week in the tank!

Posted: 08/07/2021

Author: Fishtank

My first week at Fishtank

Wow. What a first week I’ve had here at Fishtank.

From the minute I stepped in the door I was met with the fast-paced environment of Fishtank Agency.

I saw the tank full of fish and a bubble chair hanging from the ceiling and I knew instantly that this was the place for me.

I was super nervous leading up to my first day as I was entering a new work environment after previously working from home for so long due to covid, but also extremely excited to dive back into the office life and experience human interaction that so many of us have been deprived of over the past year.

Right away I was introduced to all the team, everyone was so welcoming and approachable. I was given a sneak preview of all the creative work that was being undertaken by each member of the team as they were already engrossed in their work (even at 9am on a Monday morning).

I quickly learned that every Monday morning the team meets for a catch-up on all the current projects they are working on, what stage they are at with each client, and what projects they specifically need to make a priority. This was a great way for me to learn how Fishtank approaches their workflow and it was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn about the clients we are currently working with and what projects and campaigns we are managing for each of them.

Within my first day, I was already invited to take part in campaign meetings. Diving into the deep end with one of Fishtank’s biggest clients- Berry Global. It was such a pleasure to already be introduced to one of our most long-standing clients. I instantly felt part of the team catching up about Berry’s latest, ongoing campaign we are collaborating on together. This ignited an excitement within me to take part in more and more client meetings and learn more about the companies we are working with and how I can utilise my skills to help achieve their objectives.

Since my first day, I have been on numerous meetings and zoom calls with my mentor Ola. It was such a great opportunity for me to sit in on calls with Ola and take notes on how she communicates with clients and proposes brand new, fresh ideas from the concepts they have given her. I am really looking forward to learning a lot from Ola and I already know she will be such an asset to the development of my digital marketing career.

So far, Ola has taught me how to convey ideas and suggestions to all clients in terms of landing pages, calls to action, and general web development that is best suited to their needs. I also got to grips with using analytics, keyword research, google ads, budgets, campaigns, and refined targeting to achieve the first position in terms of Google search.

I have also been working very closely with our digital marketing apprentice Katie, working together to create social media posts to capitalise on ‘world social media day.’ Our founder Damien was recently featured in Feefo’s Brand Perception Report 2021- which gave us a great opportunity to shout about his feature across our social channels. We began creating visuals to go with the concept and selected which images to use and how to approach it for each different platform.

Already I have made a splash at brainstorming ideas for new and existing clients. For example, our regular customer City Taxis approached us with a concept of an advertisement based around the lifting of lockdown. In the brainstorming session with our newest graphic designers Georgia and Niamh we all discussed some innovative ideas around visuals and tag lines for this particular brief. I particularly enjoyed this activity as I love working together as a team, throwing around ideas and expanding on each other’s concepts and thoughts.

As well as being assigned tasks I was already familiar with, I was also faced with some challenges that pushed me out of my comfort zone and expanded my learning. One of these particular tasks involved working on the web development side of the tank in which I helped to input content to our client Crocodiles website, using WordPress. This was something I have never done before and something I would potentially have never attempted if it weren’t for the team at Fishtank taking me through every step and supporting me from start to finish.

I am so excited for what my future holds here at Fishtank. I have only been here a week and already it is the best job I have had so far. It has opened my eyes to the ever-changing world that is digital marketing, challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I have already learned so much from my peers and through self-learning.

The working environment is one of my favourite aspects of the company – they really do look after their staff and make sure everyone has the perfect work-life balance. I can’t wait to excel in my career here at Fishtank as I continue to learn, grow and help the business and our clients thrive.

To find out more about Danielle, what motivated her to kick start her career in Digital Marketing at Fishtank and her love for all things creative, travel and family. Read Danielle’s team bio here:

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