We’re pleased to be working with Orientica, a new brand that will be launching traditional middle-eastern fragrances here in the UK.

Oud Fragrance

Over the last 5 years, Oud fragrance has become immensely popular filtering down from the most exclusive and luxury fragrance brands, down to our personal favourites such as Versace, Jo Malone London, Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent. But what is Oud?

Dripping Tree Oud

How is Oud made?

The heady, woody fragrance forms when specific species of trees are infected with a certain type of mould. The resulting sticky, drippy, resin from the tree is the fabulous and highly sought after Oud. The word ‘Oud’┬áis a translation of the tree species ‘Agarwood’. Although most modern Ouds are synthetic, there are still many brands out there who use this ancient and traditional method.

Creating a brand

Joe Working

Although in its early stages, Joe has already been working on a number of different logos for Orientica in an effort to capture the brands modernity and align it with Euro-centric branding but with subtle hints to its traditional arabic roots.

Orientica Mockup Logos

We’re very excited to be working with Orientica here in Leeds at Fishtank Creative and we’ll be sharing more of our work as we go!