During August, we had the opportunity to work with global leaders in packaging and protection solutions, Berry Plastics, on a fun and exciting concept for their Cardinal Healthcare Team trade show exhibition in San Francisco.

Focusing on healthcare and protection against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), Berry Plastics bought a claw machine and a collection of stuffed microbes, which they invited their customers to come and play during the event. However, they needed an idea to tie this all together.

“We need to WOW our visitors…”

So, they tasked Fishtank to come up with an engaging concept and design for the claw machine and all their surrounding backdrops. They wanted something to WOW trade show goers, making them stop in their tracks as they walked past the booth. The designs needed to be fresh and modern, and ultimately, they wanted to have something fun!

After an energetic ideas session discussing claw game names, designs, and approaches, we agreed on creating cartoon designs of all the microbes and focusing on ‘Protection in the Battle against HAI’ as the main headline across all creative. We stylised into a cartoon graphic to match the microbes, keeping Berry’s branding and colour palette consistent throughout.


Once at the show, visitors were challenged to protect against the Hospital Acquired Infections by carefully removing the microbes from the area with the claw!


The backdrops that surrounded the claw machine and their information booth also featured the cartoon graphics, as well as a larger backdrop design featuring a surgical room, displaying the key benefits of Berry Plastics, working in situ with mannequins showcasing the Berry products.


Needless to say, the booth was a hit, with both the Healthcare team and their booth visitors.

This was Amazing! We were the hit of the show and everyone was lining up to play and visit us. The microbes were gone fast and could have used more! Everyone loved your idea! A lot of booth envy!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! -The Cardinal Healthcare Team

This was such a fun project to be involved with. It was great for us to help Berry Plastics engage with existing and potential customers whilst keeping the designs professional and informative.

Plus, it allows us to shows off our Graphic Designer, Joe’s amazing illustration skills. Our favourite microbe is the Common Cold. Let us know which one is your favourite!