Fishtank Showcase Video

Posted: 07.07.2020


We are thrilled to announce our showcase video - courtesy of Joe - about the amazing results we have achieved for our fantastic clients. The idea behind it was simple - we wanted to find a creative avenue for both existing and potential clients to get to know us and what we do a little better, taking into account the full scope of our specialities.

We know that seeing is believing. What we mean by this is - it’s important to understand the inner workings of a business and the talent within each individual in our team, in order to recognise the passion and diversity behind everything we have the pleasure of creating. And agreed the best way to showcase what we are about is to showcase what we do best.

Our creative digital strategy has and continues to evolve brands across all sectors. Whilst remaining professional, our passion and excitement to all our forward-thinking clients allows us to tailor the best possible approach for any business objectives. We believe the results speak for themselves - Check it out.

Designer Q&A

Again, a massive shoutout to Joe (Head of Design) who took the time to create such an inspiring video to showcase our portfolio. He has not only infused his passion in motion graphics into this work but also employed his excellent attention to detail skills to ensure maximum visual impact.

What was your favourite part of the project?

Making the edit fit the music which was a challenge in itself, particularly the opening sequence. I think the audio gives the video that extra punch of life and really adds to the experience. Editing to music is something I’m wasn’t 100% comfortable with and is something I’ve been working on over the last 12 months. So I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out.

Most challenging aspect of video editing?

I think the most challenging part of the process after deciding what projects to include would be what to highlight for each individual project, showcasing the main touch points of the project in a 5-10 second window that is also aesthetically pleasing, exciting and relevant.

A lot of the briefs we take on can be months in the making from conception to implementation, working on the brand development, tone of voice, digital platforms, digital marketing and much more.

With that in mind, it can be challenging to focus on a particular area of the project to showcase the end product in it’s best light.

What software did you use?

I used Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. I find it much easier to design the sections in illustrator, this gives me greater control on the composition layout and allows me to organise and name layers that can be imported directly into after effects. Plus any changes on the design side in Illustrator directly affect the After Effects project, which is a great tool that allows for non destructive edits.

What inspired you?

For want of a better or less obvious example, I love the way Apple and Samsung launch a new product or innovation. Showcasing the product in use, utilising everyday instances of life and how their products are a huge part of our day to day life. That element of storytelling is something I tried to emulate in our showreel. In most instances the projects we have highlighted have an intro (Brand) middle (raw footage or motion graphics) and an end (Digital platform render). I think the best way to showcase our online platforms other than using them is to have them animate on screen on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Again the way in which Apple showcase a new product was the perfect way I could achieve this. I believe this really helps to sell the visual side of our digital platforms.

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