Following on from our post yesterday about our favourite blogs to stay on top of the latest design trends, we thought it would be great to share design-driven communities that are hubs for designers, illustrators and creatives old and new.


Once a proposed rival to Facebook, now pivoted to a design and creative hub, we’ve covered Ello before with a look at the 3D artwork community. There are tonnnes of creative groups available to join or just browse with everything from illustration to knitting. The entire list is here and there’s some truly gorgeous and progressive works being put out


Now owned and operated by Adobe, which they’ve clumsily tried to integrate into their fiddly Creative Cloud protocols, Behance still remains the number 1 destination for digital and design creatives. Operating more socially, you can comment, like and share your favorite projects and get chatting with the designers behind your favourite works.


A slightly odd one but a big one nonetheless. Dribbble is a bit like Behance with comment and social driven interactions but also is a place to find and directly hire prospective creatives for your own projects- at a premium of course! There’s still tonnes of great work here but tends to be from more experienced members of the design community with bigger names and more edited curation. Whilst writing this, after all these years, I’ve just clicked that the logo is a basket ball, being dribbled rolls eyes.