We’re super excited this week to have received a box of all the Heavenly Delights products that we designed the branding and packaging for here at Fishtank Creative.

Initially Team FC were tasked with modernise the packaging that dated back to the 90’s. The designs needed to work in a family style that could be applied to a range of products.

In the first instance a trio of snack products with 3 fruit liquid bursting flavours. The packaging needed to be free flowing amd essentially look juicy and appetising. A real emphasis on flavour and a above all a quality product

Inspired by market leaders Cadbury’s and how they promote their Caramel range we identified the inclusion of the free flowing liquid. This seemed the obvious route when trying to stand on market shelf against a range of similar products.

The second range of products were Marshmallows consisting of two flavours and in a variety of bag sizes. A third of the bags were translucent and this needed to be accounted for in the designs.

The mallows came in various forms so we opted to create some fun illustrative characters to represent the variation.

The landscape background brought the range together and will be implemented on a current range of 50+ products. We’re excited to see these on the supermarket shelf!

Finally the clients were so impressed with the new packaging designs that we were then asked to update the current brand without losing its 30 year identity within the market place. Colourful and vibrant and a font face lift complimented the new exciting range of products.

We developed the tongue-in-cheek strapline ‘Absolutely Halalicious’ to emphasise the products intended market and Seal of Approval by the UK Halal Monitoring Committee.