The way we interact with the digital world is changing. Here are the top 5 trends of 2016 that will undoubtedly affect your brand.

1. desktop to mobile and advertising to facebook.

Day to day mobile browsing is now at around 50% which has and continue to shoot up massively. On top of that, AdBlocking plugins are making the internet a much cleaner place to browse on desktops. This technology has not yet successfully penetrated mobile browsing, and in particular Facebook. Therefore Facebook and Mobile Google Adwords marketing is absolutely key – thee 2 companies control around 76% of all online ad revenue.

2. talking to robots

Chatbots area a new way to interact with businesses. Examples of this are Pizza Hut customers being able to take orders, in natural language, via Facebook and Twitter chatbots. The future is set to see chatbots acting as our personal shoppers and advisors, taking the fuss out of hunting for things online. Then when this technology is more successfully integrated into devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Siri, you might never have to browse an online store again!

3. facebook live video streaming

Snapchat and Periscope (Twitter’s seemingly failed Live video venture) have bitten the bullet when it comes to live video streaming. Yet again, Facebook has taken the reins. Over 800,000 people watched as 2 of its employees stretched rubber bands over a watermelon until it exploded – streaming for over 40 minutes.

We’ve watched people live stream puddles and red carpet interviews. Facebook Live Streaming is where its at being integrated to your Facebook presence, this will keep your viewers engaged and interacting. It’s free and simple to use!

4. augmented reality hits big

AR technology mixes live, physical worlds with digital. Mostly through smartphones, live 3D images are imprinted over what your camera sees. Pokémon Go is a perfect example of this, being one of the biggest App trends in recent history, giving new life to the 20 year old Japanese brand.

McDonalds launched AR Monopoly games for customers whilst catalogue company Pair allows you to see what IKEA furniture would look like in your home! The Microsoft HoloLens is on the horizon taking this technology out of the smartphone and in front of your very eyes.