Fishtank Creative are approaching our 10 year anniversary and in that time have grown to a team of 8 that consists of illustrators, designers, developers and account managers. All with varied skill sets and a passion for their own individual discipline, collaboratively they utilise each other’s core skills and push themselves to think outside box and deliver the unexpected.

Time is a precious commodity within a small agency so time management and managing processes is essential for growth whilst grabbing those projects that challenge the team. The digital development team combine SASS and Stork to avoid the repetition of HTML and CSS and lay strong foundations before even starting the build of any digital platform. Taking the timeout to implement these processes allows the team to better meet clients goals delivering good functionality.

“Bauhaus stated form follows function, in essence our interpretation of this is whether it be a digital or printed medium, what’s the end goal?”

This principle quote should inspire and push boundaries, surely that’s our role as a design agency and why customers continue with repeat business or make recommendations for others needing our services. Very rarely have Fishtank pitched for work as predominately projects are gained through referrals. A testament to a group of talented individuals.

Project management in the studio and with customers is essential to any project’s success. Using tools such as Trello and Wunderlist makes us more efficient on delivery and prioritising work especially when those deadlines are tight. It’s nice to work on a 3-6 month project that involves a start to finish solution, rolled out on varied mediums. The reality however is that short lead time projects are part and parcel of the digital world and being reactive is a strength that clients will always admire. Integrating tools that don’t restrict creativity and subsume those regular tasks are always a win.

Having an internal media bank that consists of customers’ resources and assets is invaluable. Whether it’s the brand identity or associated brand imagery required on a repeat basis. Instead of duplicating the assets, pulling from one resource is extremely efficient, particularly with your main stream applications such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

The management team avoid sending individual emails that can be overlooked and deliver a weekly WIP (work in progress report) via Google Sheets. Customers simply login and add their comments and feedback changes required. This way the workload and records are always accessible, even when on the move.