We’re proud to present our blog’s new design with oodles of new functions that will see regular great new content from every member of the team. We’ll be sharing everything from industry news to CSS tips and everything in between.

We think blogs only talking about an agencies work can be boring, so we wanted to create something unique that bridged news, culture, information and our work altogether. It’s how we work so why not reflect that in what we write?

Who will be writing your new blog?

Our team of course! Allow me to introduce them:

Damien is the Director of Fishtank Creative. With two amazing children, Damien has grown Fishtank Creative over the last 10 years to the successful agency it is today. Damien will be letting you know what’s happening within the business and roundup what we’re doing for our amazing clients.

Barry is our Digital Manager here at Fishtank Creative. From Armagh in Ireland and a proud new dad; Barry is an expert in Perch CMS. Barry’s posts will therefore be digital development trend lead, looking at the latest in the field of web and digital development.

Joe is a print and web designer at Fishtank Creative. With a passion for everything DC and fitness, we can’t be 100% sure he isn’t Batman. Joe’s posts will be design lead and share the latest work at Fishtank Creative through galleries. Joe will also share his latest design inspiration and artwork as a gifted illustrator.

Chris is a senior web developer at Fishtank Creative. A fan of real ale and cricket player, he’s a proud Yorkshireman through and through. As our resident coding expert, Chris’s posts will give tips and tricks across most web development languages including CSS, HTML and PHP.

Paul is a Junior Developer here at Fishtank Creative and a placement student from The University of Huddersfield. Completor of the Dark Souls trilogy, Paul can certainly prove both his skills and patience. Paul will be documenting his time here at Fishtank Creative and sharing how his work has helped with his studies.

Thom is the Accounts Manager here at Fishtank Creative and heads up Digital Marketing, PPC and Social. He’s a skincare and tech lover with puns that’ll make your toes curl. Thom’s post are to be business, social and trend lead focusing on the often mystifying world of digital and social media marketing.

Why WordPress?

Whilst we believe that there are much better Content Management Systems out there for websites, including our favourite Perch CMS; there’s no denying that when it comes to blogging – WordPress is king.

We also thought this was a great opportunity to share our mastery of both platforms simultaneously – clicking away from the blog will take you seamlessly back into Perch and vice versa.