What to post when there’s nothing to post

Posted: 06/06/2019

Author: Fishtank

Are you tasked with being your office’s designated social media guru? Posting day in and day out about the ongoings on your company because of course there is never a dull day in the office…?

Then comes that rare day of the month that doesn’t celebrate international day of sandwiches or any other equally big celebratory day and you just don’t know what to say… Fear not, as this blog will provide you with the ideas you need to get your creative juices flowing. Read on to find out what to post when there is nothing to post.

  1. Does your office have someone who is slightly, overly opinionated? Why not quote them? Or even create a twitter page for them and you may even be on your way to creating an internet famous account.
  2. Memes and gifs are a great way of communicating your offices humour. Why not check out trending GIFs or use Giphy to make one that relates to your company… they are quick and easy to create.
  3. Take the slovenly way of life and just repost another creative’s perfect post… it’s not always going to be your day so why not steal the show… Whilst also giving the creator credit for their brilliance of course.
  4. Having a slow day at work? Create a funny podcast – name and shame your colleagues and ask the real hard-hitting questions people want to know the answer to.
  5. As a last resort, for a quick and painless social post push, get involved with public discuss. This could be about the latest Game of Thrones Episode or pretty much any BBC drama but just ensure you remain partial and don’t give any controversial comments that may hinder your public image.

We hope these ideas have helped spark your creativity. But if you find yourself constantly running out of ideas on things to post on your social channels, then please get in touch. We are happy to help!

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