We work with brands to identify their true tone of voice. This determines the direction of an embodied marketing strategy that aims to reach their audience with meaningful and relevant content.

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Blogging & copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • In-depth research
  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimisation

Content marketing strategy

We recognise managing your business is a full time job – so planning when and what exactly should be communicated to your audience will never be at the top of your concern list. Our mission is to take the thinking and planning away from you, creating a framework for all customer-content touch-points.

Successful brands are clear on their positioning – their tone of voice and messaging is consistent, and their identity – authentically defined. Doing too many things at once can introduce chaos. A well planned content marketing strategy implements order and reassures your customers they found the right match.

Blogging & copywriting

Creating meaningful, valuable content that consistently engages your audience takes time. Professional copywriting not only frees that time up, but also manages to capture the businesses’ services in a powerful way, relying on years of training and finessing the written word.

Content writers at Fishtank know when to jump in on a trend, creating engaging blog posts and captivating power statements. Over the years we studied grammar, spelling and punctuation just as attentively as we examined memes, hypes and viral content. In-depth research process ensures the SEO is on point and continues to makes sense while still remaining persuasive. Our objective view can often help make your content more relatable to your audience, filtering through the professional jargon.

Email marketing

Reaching customers through their email inbox is still one of the best ways to communicate with your audience – that’s why we take special care and give extra attention to emails as part of your content marketing strategy. Whether to support your automated e-commerce messaging or inspire your clients with amazing storytelling, email marketing remains king in nurturing your audience.

At Fishtank, we have a plethora of solutions available, from bespoke coded designs with automated workflows, to easy drag and drop solutions empowering you to get creative with your email marketing.

In-depth research

Each project we take on starts at the research stage. We dive deep into our clients’ knowledge and examine their processes while at the same time we dig into industry journals, statistical reports and consumer behaviour analysis to ensure the strategies we propose are relevant to the marketplace you’re in.

With a plethora of digital tools available to our agency, we are also able to assess how you compare against your competitors in search engine indexing, check how popular your line of services is globally and nationally, and monitor mentions of your brand online giving you a wide-angle view of your positioning.

Social media management

This is where your customers are looking to connect with your brand – that’s undeniable. Companies not capitalising on social presence (with few exceptions), are missing out on a great opportunity to communicate with their audience using platforms that the users feel most comfortable on.

Effective social media strategies don’t focus on vanity metrics only. Whether it’s identifying the right micro-influencer for your business, running a quirky local campaign or developing meaningful collaborations, at Fishtank we make sure it’s right for your business first.

Search engine optimisation is the world’s most visited website – 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day! Billions of sites are indexed by Google, so companies wanting to be ‘on the first page of search results’ will often have to use a wide range of tools to ensure they are on the forefront of the searching customer’s mind. This is why search engine rankings are extremely important to businesses.

However, managing your website’s position in search can be very time consuming – and the bigger the website, the more laborious it will become – especially for large e-commerce websites! Thankfully it’s our job to keep up with Google algorithms’ updates, to ensure your website is built to the highest SEO standards and to write content that performs amazingly in search.

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