Georgia Rae Dean

Junior Graphic Designer

Who is Georgia?

After graduating with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Lancaster in 2017, I discovered that Graphic Design offered an ideal outlet for my creative talents; combining all the things that make me tick – and I have loved every step of the journey so far.

I always aim to bring passion and joy to any brief as well as utilising my Fine Art origins to bring a different perspective to the work I create. I started my role here at Fishtank in June 2021 as their Junior Graphic Designer.

Already I have been given a fantastic opportunity to showcase my art and design skills by working with the design team on various projects for some of our reputable clients. For example, just this week I have been creating illustrations to be used on a printed advert for Seal for Life, a huge global company and a leading provider of coating solutions. I have also been able to work on various bits of brand collateral for Wigan Warriors, who need absolutely no introduction! This is just the start of many projects that I will be contributing to and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds in store for me here in the tank.

I always aim to bring passion and joy to any brief as well as utilising my Fine Art origins to bring a different perspective to the work I create.

During my past experience in print design and working in-house, I relished the opportunity to grow alongside a new brand and gain another perspective on the design world. This is where I saw the true power of branding and how it can take a small seed of an idea and help it flourish. I am inspired by and curious about all aspects of design, from branding to digital and I’m eager to see how I evolve as a designer here at Fishtank.

My route into the design industry has allowed me to build up a range of experiences, skills and sources of inspiration that I can call on to inform my design process. I love taking inspiration from other creative disciplines, for example, I love seeing how printers or embroiderers approach their practice and choose their palette or material. This creative process can spark an interest in me that may illuminate something else I’m working on.

With the likes of Instagram, we have access to the work of creatives from across the globe, which makes for a great starting point for design inspiration.

Life Outside Fishtank

I thrive on turning my hand to a new creative technique, with my most recent being in leatherwork. Whether it be weaving, screen printing or ceramics, it’s good to sometimes step away from the screen and take creativity into my own hands, literally. I also love getting out into nature when I can, and with beautiful scenery and trails nearby it’s hard to resist.

Bucket List Best Bits

One of the top things on my bucket list is to visit the Galapagos Islands. I think it’s high on the list for any nature lover and the chance to see unique flora and fauna in a mostly untouched landscape would be incredible.

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