Joe Savery

Head of Creative

I started my career at Fishtank in July 2011 and have grown with the company ever since. As the head of Creative, my role is to develop and nurture project outcomes – working with people and brands that believe in their products as much as we do, helping to acquire growth through communicative designs and conceptual thinking.

By utilising the dark undertones of the beers throughout, I created a brand that lived up to each ale’s character.

I enjoy all creative aspects of my job; from brand development to digital campaigns and online platforms, oh… and the beers of course – but I would have to say Twisted Angel is a project that tested all my creative abilities. I helped develop the Twisted Angel brand, everything from: character illustrations, product design and packaging, to their online and digital presence. Having had touch-points on all design areas, made working with Twisted all the more exciting, utilising the beers dark undertones throughout to create a brand that lived up to each ales’s character.

Over the last 7 years, Fishtank has grown into a strong team of 11, in which I have become a department head. Not only would I like to see my team grow along with the rest of the business, but I would also like to improve on our current accolades by winning an industry standard award within the digital market.

Life Outside Fishtank

Outside of work I am an avid runner, having taken part in a number of charitable events alongside my weekly Parkrun challenge. I’m a huge comic and film fan and can be found watching or drawing characters from the Marvel or DC cinematic universe or creating posters for film and TV.

Bucket List Best Bits

I would love to compete and finish a marathon – now that would certainly be something to shout about to my family.