Liam Rainford

Mid-Weight Designer & Animator

Graduating Leeds Arts University with a BA in Graphic Design and gaining experience with a design firm in New York, I came back to the UK to explore the design world even further with enthusiasm and vigour.

With Fishtank being a digital design & marketing agency, our methods remain culturally and technologically relevant and it’s important that we not only keep on trend, but stay ahead of it too. That’s why I saw Fishtank as the perfect fit for me to officially begin my career.
Fishtank’s wide range of clients from a variety of industries has allowed me to dive straight in and learn so much since starting here. I love that the design team’s day-to-day work varies massively. One day I might be creating a marketing campaign, and the next day an animation or brand identity. I embrace all aspects of graphic design, no matter the size of the project!

My particular passion lies with branding and the positive impact it can have on businesses, charities and other organisations to help them reach their goals. However, since starting at Fishtank, I’ve discovered a new interest for the dynamic visual styling in sports graphics – working closely with our clients at Wigan Warriors and Hudl!

I’m incredibly grateful that my passion can help our clients stand out in their market and reach their audience in a unique and powerful way.

Life Outside the Tank

My passion for creativity doesn’t stop at 5pm! Outside the tank, I’m always experimenting in other artistic areas like photography, illustration, painting, collage, and more recently, playing guitar.

A lot of creativity is about innovative thinking and coming up with ‘outside the box’ ideas. So I strongly believe that developing my skills in areas outside of graphic design gives me inspiration where I wouldn’t usually think to look!

I’ve always enjoyed the creative side of life and learning about new and interesting topics. I love to learn about anything and everything: design, science, psychology, history… I believe learning new things gives me a greater perspective on life and influences my work hugely. I’m always down for a deep conversation!

Bucket List

I’ve recently gotten back into camping and astrophotography. So sometime soon, I hope to embark on a camping trip around Scotland to enjoy the beauty of the stars with no light pollution.
Also buying a lake house in the lake district has to be mentioned too!