Mike Garlick

Head of Development

Before starting my career at Fishtank, you would have found me touring the UK in the back of a beaten up van, playing the drums in my metal band! I gave the rock star dream up though and went to university to begin a career in web development.

The initial stages of any project are always the most enjoyable; a time when bouncing ideas around and creativity is in full flow – for me it means that I will soon be coding a new and exciting project. A project that has stood out for me has to be our own website. We decided to use the whole development team for our own website build and each of us were able to have an input. This posed a few logistical challenges but I really enjoyed the collaboration of ideas and development techniques we shared in the process.

No matter what project I’m working on, I do it with a coffee at my side (black, one sugar if your makin’) and mostly metal music blasting through my headphones.

The array of projects we get to work on is great but on top of that, the office and area we work in are just awesome too. I’m looking forward to seeing the growth of the development team and Fishtank as a whole.

Life Outside Fishtank

Those around me know me as a family man with two young children, who are pretty much the centre of my world outside of work. I enjoy going to see live music as much as possible and I play percussion whenever I get the chance. I’m also a bit of an uber-geek and my guilty pleasures are playing on my PS5 and watching Star Trek (don’t judge me).

Bucket List Best Bits

Currently at the top of my bucket list is to go on a road trip across Route 66 on a low rider Harley, but if that isn’t achievable I guess I would settle for going into space.

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