Ola Tambor

Head of Digital & Strategy

I reached out to Fishtank in the summer of 2017 and began my adventure here that July! I get involved in all kinds of projects – from brand conception to video shoots and activation strategies – but digital marketing is my greatest passion. I’m here to make sure my clients remain relevant.

Aside from hacking digital growth I am also a part of the creative capital at Fishtank, making sure I always have a quirky idea to throw into the mix. I love to dissect brands and their identities in order to make them better, cooler and -wowza- more streamlined in their marketing efforts.

My favourite project to date is probably Brookhouse. We started with a rebrand, trying to capture the essence of “the Brookhouse family”, then began the web development phase and now I continue to grow the company through targeted PPC campaigns and building on their social media presence. The new brand has been literally plastered on the walls, with visual expression elements, wayfinding systems and inspirational quotes incorporated into interior design around their facilities. What I love most about working with Brookhouse is that they deliver on their promise to the students time and time again. That culture very much aligns with ours and that’s the best kind of client you could ask for.

I really enjoyed being involved in every single stage, gradually introducing new elements and seeing the client get really excited about the ideas we proposed.

The best thing about Fishtank is its crew – it really is the people that make the agency. The creativity, the banter, the singing – oh yeah, there is singing… and just being surrounded by genuinely nice, incredibly intelligent and passionately quirky team is what keeps me going. What I like is that everyone here is actually passionate about their field of work and I can learn from them every day.

Life Outside Fishtank

I consider myself a gastro-hedonist and divide my spare time between spoiling myself with delicious food, reading captivating books, binging on Netflix shows, going on trips and swinging in my hammock. I continuously refuse to tolerate mediocrity in any aspect of my life.

Bucket List Best Bits

Top of my bucket list goes to travel – I want to see as many countries as possible in my life. My been app tells me I visited only 42% of Europe – and that’s only 10% of the world, so I have a long way to go!

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