Sophie Hardwick

Account Manager

I joined Fishtank in March 2022 as an Account Executive to upscale and bring innovation to the accounts team. After working at Fishtank for three weeks, I feel as though I am finding myself again! My new role at Fishtank requires me to be myself and to showcase the skills that Damien saw in me when he asked me to join the Tank. My new role requires me to be the best version of myself and continuously develop my skillset to make a splash for our clients.

I am dedicated to efficiency and tailoring my management abilities to ensure each client is nurtured in the best possible way.

I have a passion for people. You can already find me building relationships within the team and giving them the confidence that I am ready to participate in client meetings and assist in making an impact for our clients. I’m really excited to dive into working with clients to manage projects from start to finish – I am dedicated to efficiency and tailoring my management abilities to ensure each client is nurtured in the best possible way. I am adaptable and able to build relationships naturally which will help to achieve maximum results, collaboratively, with our clients and the team as a whole.

In my previous role, I worked at HSBC as a Customer Advisor which is a world away from the creative work done at Fishtank! Working in a corporate environment taught me many invaluable skills that fired up an ambition inside me to continue my progression and excel within a more creative environment [Hey Fishtank]

I thrive in a busy environment and enjoy being valuable and pragmatic – so the more work the better! Already in my first weeks here in the tank, I have worked alongside Account Manager, Georgina, to support some of Fishtank’s amazing clients. Tasks have involved sending monthly client reports, liaising with Mike, our Head of Development, to update news for Artorius’ website, being involved in the launch of Just Voices’ new digital platform and supporting on our retainer accounts such as Wigan Warriors and HUDL.

Coming from Yorkshire and having lived in Mirfield now for six years, it is great to be supporting a range of fantastic local businesses so close to home.

Life Outside Fishtank

Outside the tank, you can find me at home training my new, excitable puppy called Winnie or driving to the football pitch with my three boys. I spend my time mostly chauffeuring them and their friends all weekend – they honestly have a better social life than me!

Bucket List Best Bits

I would absolutely love to travel to Iceland and see the Northern lights! My 30th birthday is fast approaching and I would absolutely love to celebrate the big 3 0 with such an amazing experience of the Aurora Borealis.

Another dream of mine is one shared with my boys. They tell me all the time that they want to go to Africa, so I’d love to be able to take them, it would be a fantastic family adventure! 🦓