Brit Systems

Keeping Brit Systems Connected

Brit Systems are experienced electrical contractors specialising in building services automation, with over 50 years of collective Controls Electrics experience. Ready for an updated, refreshed, visual identity - they wanted to elevate their brand and innovate with a new digital platform to reflect their dedication to delivering tailored electrical control system installations in every environment and sector throughout the UK & Northern Ireland.

What we did

  • Brand development
  • Web design & development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • LinkedIn Campaign Management
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Copywriting


Chris Munton, the Company MD reached out to us following a long-standing friendship with our founder, Damien Fisher. During the pandemic, Chris had time to reflect on Brit’s online presence and recognised it was time for a digital transformation. He was ready to elevate Brit Systems and create a brand identity and online presence that supports the future vision and aspirations of the business. This new approach needed to become synonymous with their innovative service offering and to be reflective of their highly skilled engineers.

Partner In Control

From the very beginning, it was apparent that Brit Systems are passionate about keeping their clients connected and being a partner they can trust. Standing out from the competition, Brit Systems needed an online presence that showcased their unique selling points and ensured brand trust was a key element throughout the visual designs and user journey.


Our design team began by evolving Brit’s historical logo, applying small but impactful updates to ensure their reputable identity wasn’t lost but represented their growth as a business. They then electrified the brand rollout and website designs to demonstrate Brit’s passion for keeping their customers connected by utilising innovative logo animations, iconography and brand consistency across all platforms.

Showcasing Brit Systems as trustworthy, knowledgeable experts that tailor bespoke solutions was of utmost importance when it came to the purpose of the platform. Therefore the new site had to be designed with the users in mind. Each stage of the user journey gives the audience a chance to explore Brit’s core solutions, get in touch, or request more information. Gliding the user through the pages with ease and keeping them connected at all times.

Connect to Opportunity

Recognising the power of social media, Brit Systems asked our Digital Marketing experts to establish a digital presence that sparks conversation, connects with their customers and establishes thought leadership across all channels.

Using the brand tools we created to embody Brit Systems' culture within their visual expression toolkit has created a consistent personality for the business, one that transfers across the physical: stationary, branded clothing, all company vehicles and interiors; through to their digital presence across the website and social media.