Wild PR

Unleashing Wild PR’s Roar

Katrina Cliffe established KC Communications as a freelancer back in 2014, delivering unrivalled results for her clients and gradually strengthening the team. Fast forward 7 years, what has been achieved is beyond Katrina’s wildest dreams. With this untamed growth, it's no surprise that Katrina's pack was ready to evolve their identity to not only represent their wild ideas but also their team of talented content creators. So as they celebrate their eighth year of trading it’s time to unleash the wild side...

What we did

  • Complete Re-brand Journey
  • Web Design & Development
  • Illustration
  • Animated Video Production
Wild PR website created by Fishtank Agency homepage


Searching for the right PR partner for our agency, our founder Damien had the pleasure of virtually meeting Katrina Cliffe of KC Communications a while ago, just before the pandemic started. Over time this evolved into a business friendship, generated trust and encouraged Katrina to consider a step forward for her business using Fishtank's help. After hiring a multitude of talented PR and marketing specialists, Katrina felt that it was time to evolve her solo identity of KC Communications into a brand that stood out from the crowd and truly reflected her team's individuality.

Honoured to be the agency of choice, we dived straight into their rebrand journey with a group brainstorming session, where she and her team joined us for a day of innovative ideas, great food and most importantly forming relationships that allowed us to get under the skin of their business and its culture.

We were challenged with supporting Katrina to transform her business with a whole new identity - a new name, a new image, a new resounding roar. Maximising the impact of the rebrand, Katrina also needed a shiny new digital platform and video animation to introduce new and existing clients to the wild side of their unique way to revolutionise businesses.

Knowing that Katrina held her previous brand close to her heart made the project a delicate yet exciting journey. A jungle-themed direction that started as a shower thought for Katrina was something we couldn’t wait to bring to life.

Key Features

Animated Video Content
Bold & Contrasting Designs
Digital Marketing Optimised
Optimised UX


Wild PR was born…

Beginning with the brand, our designers were set free to let their creativity run wild - exploring different creative routes that would not only impress Katrina but would make a bold statement within the busy PR industry. After perfecting the finer details, we established a brand and digital platform that embodies the knowledge, skill set and personality of Wild PR as a whole but also showcases the confidence to deliver results amongst the pack.

The Wild style is translated throughout the website, social media campaigns and printed collateral. Whether it was video animation, office wallpaper or event banners, the design style allowed each element to be produced quickly and easily, amended whenever a new area of the business was highlighted. We used the same text, style and layout and used our creativity to bring the prints to life through contrasting designs.

With Huddersfield Business Awards just around the corner, Katrina was keen to show off her new identity to the world. Knowing the website wouldn’t be ready for the next couple of months we suggested a temporary landing page to maximise the success of the brand launch and guarantee consistency across all online and offline channels.

Behind the scenes, our development team was putting their knowledge, skills and coding abilities to the test to build a website that Wild PR can be proud of. Utilising microtransactions to enhance the adventurous side of the brand, and creating clear and impactful calls to action to optimise a user-friendly platform that stands out from the competition.

Unleashing the Wild Pack

With the goal of developing a fresh identity to showcase the diverse talent among the team, we developed bespoke animal prints to give each member of the pack their own identity. These bespoke prints were then used to personalise their desktops, business cards, email signatures and more.