Seal For Life

Fighting Corrosion with a leading brand

When your client grows, so do their digital presence requirements - and with Seal For Life, global coatings provider, growing from 5 to 14 brands created a need for one, fresh, consistent tone of voice and a new platform that represented One Coatings Company as the market leader they are today. We started the process by looking closely at the data gained through years of managing and optimising Seal For Life’s old website.

What we did

  • Brand expression evolution
  • SEO and content audit
  • Data analysis to advise new site UX and UI recommendations
  • Web design & development
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Copywriting
  • Video & animation
  • Tone of voice development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Specific sub-brand microsites development

The Challenge

We’ve already been working with SFL for years when it became evident that the growth of the company and their multiple sub-brand acquisitions are quickly creating a need for a new digital platform and an improved, more strategic tone of voice to represent the group better.
Increasing in size from 5 to 14 brands in a space of just a few years, Seal For Life had to consider its positioning in the Coatings Industry and how it wants to portray itself from both the group and separate brands perspective. Sustainability, innovation and protection all needed to come through, communicating one cohesive outlook for the future.

Key features

Interactive map
Customer portal
User-friendly filter system
Product finder tool
Optimised UX








Flame Control

US Coatings




Highland International

The Solution

Analysing search traffic, user behaviour and engagement metrics gave us insights into how the new platform needs to be structured. Internal strategy decisions aligned with what the data showed us - Seal For Life needed its own space focused on representing the identity of the group, communicating One Coatings Company ethos and reinforcing the overarching mission and values, strongly positioning the sub brands portfolio.

The new website needed an elevated visual expression system, something unique to the Seal For Life brand - that’s when our designers proposed to evolve the way the company’s offering is presented, developing an illustrative guide of SFL and its brands’ expertise. The new illustrations opened the way for more dynamic animations and designs, at the same time reinforcing the identity of the One Coatings Company.

Renewable Energy Coatings

Energy Infrastructure Coatings

Infrastructure Protection & Maintenance Coatings

Commodity Pipeline Coatings

Water & Desalination Coatings

Offshore Coatings

Safety & Integrity Solutions

Energy Transition and Hydrogen

Unified Representation

A simple automated email signature design with optimal impact, ensuring consistent brand representation across a global business.

Challenging thinking delivers results

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Increase in organic search sessions


Keywords ranking on 1st page


User engagement events

Launch site

"Since Fishtank started working with Seal For Life we have grown from 5 to 14 brands, and with that the requirements and workloads have grown. Fishtank have become a firm extension of the Marketing team helping to develop branding, create engaging graphics, unique adverts and most recently a brand new (and brilliant) website. What stands out though is not just their excellent work products, but the team themselves, and how easy it is to feel as though you are one of them when working together so much. It is a joy to work together."
Laura Hall - Senior Marketing & Communications Manager