Danielle Everson-Hough

Social Media Content Creator

I originally joined Fishtank as their Junior Digital Marketer in June 2021. Fishtank caught my eye on LinkedIn, through this platform I applied for the role of Junior Digital Marketer thinking this would be the perfect opportunity for me to experience the exciting environment of a marketing agency. I checked out the website and immediately fell in love with the company and pretty much instantly knew it was the perfect place for me to develop my existing digital skills and work with some extremely talented people who could teach me a thing or two, as well as bringing some fresh perspective to the team. 

The digital world is constantly changing and I love how fast-paced it is.

Since first joining Fishtank, this opportunity has given me a chance to showcase my digital media marketing skills alongside learning new aspects of the industry. From a young age, I have always had a passion for all things creative and I knew early on that I wanted a creative career that challenged me – it’s fair to say I’ve got that working for Fishtank Agency. 

Although I am now in a position where I’m flourishing, I wasn’t always sure what my career path would be. When I left college I decided not to go to university so that I could get the opportunity to travel and see the world while I was young. I gained so much life experience from travelling; I saw the most amazing sights and did the most incredible things! I went to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Europe, America…the list goes on.

After learning more about the world and fundamentally about myself, I found the right career path for me and this was Digital Marketing! As a part of Gen-Z, I have always naturally loved social media marketing, its power, and all the things it can do, especially for a business. I quickly decided that I loved everything about Digital Marketing, from learning how to grow a brand’s awareness to exploring its story and sharing this with the audience and becoming those ‘alter egos’.

The digital world is constantly changing and I love how fast-paced it is. I love taking a brand and building an audience’s trust through marketing and exploring all the different strategies we can use to make them stand out. I love bringing a part of myself and my unique ideas to all new and existing clients and their campaigns to maximise their potential.

Life Outside Fishtank

Outside the tank, I am a hugely family-orientated person and love spending time with loved ones as well as my little chihuahua Simba. My biggest passion is travelling with my fiance Jack. We are always off travelling in our time off work, exploring new cities and cultures. I also dedicate a lot of my out-of-work time to going to the gym and bottomless brunches (balance is key).

Bucket List Best Bits

I have lots of career-driven goals as well as personal ones. I always aim to be ambitious as I want to look back on life knowing I lived it to the absolute fullest. One day I would love to own my own cafe/bar in Bali, Indonesia. But most of all I want to be happy in a career I love and live a happy life full of fun and memories with my other half Jack (oh and I would like more chihuahuas!).

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