Taking the plunge from one successful role to another

Posted: 12/11/2021

Author: Fishtank

It’s been a crazy 18 months for us all and despite the challenges our team, clients and friends have faced we have managed to ride the wave(s) of the pandemic by supporting each other every step of the way. Luckily for us, our dedicated team worked above and beyond for our clients, reached new heights and 2021 saw Fishtank upscale and flourish into a team of 17 members.

2021 blessed us with 6 new recruits for Fishtank, expanding our digital marketing, design and web development departments, enabling us to keep up with the digital demand and continue making waves for our new and existing clients!
Searching high and low for the perfect catch, our search brought us our newest developer Charlie.

As an integrated marketing agency that delivers bespoke website development in which we use the latest technologies to build the ultimate digital experience- we like to ensure each website we create is tailored to each individual customer and their specific requirements, business sector and industry. Therefore when recruiting we are not only searching for the perfect candidate from a technical point of view but also someone who has a passion for all things web development related!

Charlie has dived straight into his role at Fishtank from his previous Web Development role based in Birmingham. He is now making waves back at his hometown, Surrey, where he will be based, working for Fishtank solely remote.

We caught up with Charlie to speak about the excitement he has for his new role and his perspective on moving jobs from one successful role to another:

“Changing jobs is extremely exciting yet frightening. At the age of 23, I have reached a point where I really want to prioritise my career and learn invaluable professional and personal skills in a fast-moving industry. This is why when applying for the web developer role at Fishtank I knew it was the perfect fit for me.

The opportunity of a learning curve via new software, new processes and new coding techniques was one I couldn’t miss, and the bonus of being able to work remotely reminded me of the main reason I fell in love with the idea of coding – being able to work anywhere in the world (with an internet connection).

Looking through Fishtank’s past client projects, I quickly realised Fishtank uses the latest technology which thoroughly excites me as I love learning new techniques and better ways to excel in my job.

I can already tell I am part of a team that is patient and great at sharing their knowledge which is exhilarating as I’m no longer a big fish in a small pond. I love that I am still able to share my knowledge and experience to contribute to the success and future improvements to the Fishtank dev workflow. As an experienced web developer, I feel I am able to offer both creative and technical solutions for our clients and doing it alongside the Fishtank collaborative team is even better.

My contributions to the growth of the development team and their way of working so far include working with Google Tag Manager and contact form tracking, suggesting working via continuous integration and continuous deployment – a way that streamlines and automates processes to speed up production and enable the ability to further test our code. And introducing Gutenberg – the latest WordPress website creating techniques that allow users to move, add & remove elements from each page visually and without a developer.

Overall, I am extremely excited about this new challenge and opportunity to learn and share my knowledge with a great team, to create the highest quality websites for clients. Fishtank has such a great team, all focused on using our different areas of expertise to build the perfect solution for each individual project.”

Being a team of strategic thinkers, focused designers, highly skilled developers and digital marketing specialists, we all share one passion…our work. We are an ambitious agency with a goal to continue our growth whilst improving our services, culture and technical capabilities. As we continue to grow we are now proud to have Charlie on board as the newest addition to our web development department. We can’t wait to see him flourish in his career and contribute to the further success of Fishtank Agency.

Get to know more about Charlie here:

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