Brand evolution for IT industry experts

Getting a lead from successful digital marketing campaigns or through your website is great - but nothing feels quite as good as a client referral. It’s one of the highest compliments and expressions of trust - for people to recommend your services, certain that you’ll do a great job, putting their own reputation on the line in the process.

What we did

  • Brand evolution
  • Web design & development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Interior wayfinding
  • Sales presentations
  • Digital marketing
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Copywriting
  • Video & animation
  • Tone of voice development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Ticketing system design overhaul

The Brief

Meeting the main people behind the brand and seeing the potential of the company, we saw straight away that maintaining the current platform was only going to hold them back. Open to changes and improvements, the CT team bought into us and the new vision. So in time for their 20th anniversary, we worked with the Central Technology team to refine and evolve their brand, create a tone of voice that mirrors their vibrant identity, and build a new digital platform that empowers both the team and their target audience.

Demonstrating impact & fuelling engagement

Using 3D illustrations and icons, we developed a visual language that the team can easily recognise, use, and guide customers with. Collaborating with the CT team, we rolled out the new design system onto all marketing collateral, document templates, internal systems, wayfinding, and brand merchandise.

The Solution

Though we won CT’s hearts over a series of video calls (oh how the world had changed!), it was meeting them face-to-face for the first time that really let us dig deep into who they are and how we’re going to visualise it, emphasising their values and personality.

With a half-day Brand Debrief, we aligned on the vision, mission and key aspects of the brand and embarked on a two week process of developing a fresh new face for Central Technology.

Just like with CityTaxis, we felt this amazing energy and vibrance coming from the team, and after some brainstorming and research, we let our designers translate that into unique CT patterns that established one of the foundations for evolving the stripped-back old brand.

With WordPress as a foundation, Fishtank developers build Damien’s bespoke UI designs using a modular framework, giving the CT marketing team the ability to create new pages built from blocks used on other pages once the site gets launched. They also worked with the Central team developing a set of cost calculators, streamlining their marketing funnel and delivering a smart way to keep track of all leads.

Digital Solutions

Our Digital team worked hard helping CT’s marketing team pull together all website content, crawling it for key search words and phrases crucial for the success of their new SEO strategy. Writing meta descriptions, page titles, and tags, we optimised archival content and future-proofed for new insights aligned with the company’s content strategy.

Challenging thinking delivers results

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in engaged sessions


As mentioned, launching the new evolved brand identity and new digital platform was coordinated with CT’s internal 20th anniversary party and their celebratory 20% off services offer. Met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, the new look resulted in a great wave of interest, already bringing over 40% more users to the website just in the time since launch. Organic search traffic increased by over 15%, while the number of engaged sessions increased by nearly 7%. Personally, we loved working on this project - seeing clients that are invested in the process, keen to see and embrace change, and willing to put in the effort needed to make it successful. The process was just as much fun as the big brand reveal, and we couldn’t have wished for a better creative challenge.

That’s why we were pleased as punch when the Central Team didn’t spare their praise:

Just a quick message to thank you and your team for doing such a brilliant job over the last couple of months. As a business you really do feel like an extension of our team here at CT. The site is really coming together and we are looking forward to launching at the end of this month.
Jo Snow, Marketing Manager