Happy 15th birthday to us!

Posted: 10/02/2023

Author: Fishtank

It feels like only yesterday our MD, Damien Fisher set off armed with big ambitions and a laptop under his arm, not knowing what the future would hold. Now, 15 years down the line it’s amazing to see how his fourth child Fishtank has grown and expanded into an ambitious team of 21 talented creatives.

As we edge closer to our twenties [ah], there’s a lot we’ve experienced as a creative agency – from upscaling and moving to our perfect home based in a historic mill in Mirfield to making space for home offices whilst we endured a global pandemic. Making new relationships with big, exciting brands and yet saying goodbye to some clients that found a different path; welcoming a new generation of Fishtankers (babies, husbands, pigs and all!) and winning awards we could never have dreamed of when the Tank first filled up.

But all of this didn’t happen by choice – it came from hard work, undeniable passion, and trust from both Damien and the full team that stand behind the success Fishtank is today.

For those of you that joined in on our celebrations, we want to say a huge thank you for your ongoing support and for celebrating our 15th birthday with us! It was great to see you all, reflect on the good stuff and show our gratitude to those of you that make it possible for us to achieve our goals and do what we love!

It was 15 years ago that Damien gave up his dream of being the sixth member of Take That and took a huge leap of faith, setting up his own creative agency armed with a thin laptop and big dreams. He loves to tell us about his unpaid internship at the renowned Attik Agency and his years at Uni spent in Yorkshire Sculpture Park (it’s alright for some!) – and we’re sure he undoubtedly developed his great design skills there – but it was the years just after setting up his business that shaped his career and his direction for Fishtank more than anything else. 

From starting his own business based around his last name, to standing up at our event to make his big speech, it’s been a journey for Damien:

“The team is the best it’s ever been, and I am always proud of their achievements. The success of our clients and employees is what motivates me personally and drives me forward.

The fear of the unknown excites us, and we relish any opportunity, however big or small. We want our friends to have confidence in Fishtank and refer us to their connections, firmly believing we will get the job done!” – Damien Fisher, Managing Director

For those of you that couldn’t join us, we missed you! To still get involved in the celebrations, you can take your very own ‘Fishtank 15’ selfie using the QR code below…


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