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Posted: 08/04/2022

Author: Fishtank

If Fishtank wasn’t already made up of enough strong, career forward females – we’re taking it up a notch with our newest addition to the team, Sophie. That’s right, we just can’t stop growing our shoal (yep that’s yet another fish pun we’ve just thrown at you!).

You could say our tank is getting pretty full… but we’re never too full to introduce new talent, work ethic and creativity, so on that note – we’re ecstatic to welcome the newest member of our team Sophie! Sophie is joining the team as our brand new Accounts Executive to upscale and bring diverse innovation to the accounts team.

With an extensive background in customer service, Sophie has a comprehensive bank of experience when it comes to nurturing customer relationships, being an approachable member of the team and offering top-quality customer assistance. Her corporate career background is far different to the creative environment of our integrated marketing agency, but it’s exactly what Sophie needs to thrive and excel in her new career path. It’s fair to say she’s taking a quite dramatic career change, but she already has all of the existing skills required to make a boss Accounts Executive.

Alongside being an all-around powerhouse, Sophie is also super-mum to her three little boys Harry, Charlie and Billy. She’s a mum on a mission, juggling the responsibility of three boys under the age of 8, a new excitable Sproodle puppy, and a bold career move that will build a stable future for her and her family. She’s got it all going on, and we’re SO excited to see what the future holds for Sophie.

Sophie’s passions include her kids, her kids, and her kids – I’m sure there are a few mums out there reading this resonating with this and will agree with Sophie when she says she “finds it hard to have time for anything else in life”. We love and admire the drive and determination behind Sophie and her life ambitions, and we recognise that making a career shift like this after having three children is bold and brave, and not many would have the courage to do it!

2022 has been called the year of the Great Resignation, with people fed up with companies that don’t respect their workers and support the ambition of young women. In a year of great growth and change, we’re excited to see the new talent at Fishtank flourish, with 7 new hires in the past year totalling to 60% of the entire team being women!

We’re thankful for Sophie’s bravery and ambition as they have brought her to Fishtank! She has already brought her abilities to the table; in her first few weeks, she has already worked alongside Account Manager Georgina, to support some of our valuable clients. Sophie’s tasks so far have involved sending monthly client reports, liaising with Mike, our Head of Development, to update news for Artorius’ website, being involved in the process of Just Voices‘ new digital platform going live and supporting on the retainer accounts such as Wigan Warriors and HUDL.

Read more about Sophie, her absolute love and admiration for her kids, and her bucket list best bits:

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