Video traffic now accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. With a tailored video marketing approach to your campaign, we can help you increase engagement and enable message cut-through. Scroll down to find our how we can animate your projects to help drive results.

  • Comprehensive Storytelling
  • Powerful Messaging
  • Online Reward
  • Brand Immersion

Comprehensive Storytelling

Storytelling is the ultimate engagement tool that showcases a business or product’s message quickly and comprehensively. Audiences relate to stories, always favouring content that evokes emotion and conveys a purpose.

As humans, we love binge watching – this is because our brains process video content even 60,000 times faster then text. Through video animation, storytelling can instantly engage your audience, drive home your campaign’s message and deliver results.

Powerful Messaging

With the increase in consumers’ preference of video over written content, we enable our clients to focus their messaging precisely and effectively through motion media. With a wealth of knowledge in copywriting, human behaviour and animation, we are able to design video content that inspires and encourages actual conversions.

Meaningful communications are instantly elevated when assisted by captivating video and animations – the visual proof is known to increase trust and customer loyalty.

Online Reward

Video traffic now accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

We don’t just create a video animation for our clients, we devise entire marketing strategies that will ensure your video is delivered to your customers as part of a targeted campaign. Shooting and editing a video is just the beginning – it’s the promotion and multi-platform content strategy afterwards that delivers the results and the ROI we can both be proud of.

Brand Immersion

Through emotive animations, we are able to produce a video that can fully immerse your target audience in your unique perspective. You can quickly instill a sense of belonging, an immediate understanding of your mission and core values.

Tailored content, focused message and a strong call to action will reinforce your brand, help your campaign messaging reach more customers and ultimately lead to conversions.

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